Australia — Whitsunday Islands/Great Barrier Reef

Being so far away from home, family and friends can be rough. Ken and I were saddened to learn a dear friend finally lost her battle with cancer.  While the news didn’t come as a surprise, it was awful not to be with everyone at this time.

We departed Port Vila, Vanuatu on May 17th and started out sailing dead downwind, wing and wing with the pole out…


To start – Big News.  Altair now has a Nespresso Machine! If you come to visit, please bring pods. Couldn’t find Nespresso pods anywhere in Vanuatu. Shocker.

Melbourne  &  the  Australian  Grand  Prix

After  a  successful  hernia  operation  for  Ken  and  a  visit  to  see  the  Volvo  boats  in  Auckland,  we  headed  north  to  Opua  in  the  Bay  of  Islands.  Really  nice  sailing,  plenty  of  reefing  and  sail  trimming  with  our  new  First  Mate,  Harry  Marchant.     

New Zealand Part 2 - North Island

Our exploration of NZ’s North Island continued as we headed north toward the Bay of Islands and Opua.  We rented a car and an Airbnb right on the harbor.  Opua is where we will all gather to check out with customs when we leave NZ. The Marina seems great (laundry!), and the provisioning looks good, so it is a convenient place to depart from.